You are Loved: History’s Greatest Hero


 Our world has a deficit of real heroes.  Every now and then one pops up in the news.  Often, we create our own versions of a hero or allow Hollywood to do it for us.    We wait for cinema or fiction to show us how the hero rescues someone in peril.   Often the hero in the movie or the story performs his act of valiance out of obligation.  We grip our theater seat allowing Tinseltown to depict our hero.  Or, we nose dive into a novel that defines our hero-love story.  All along, the greatest epic hero-love story in history was written and recorded for us long ago.

There is no need to pay anyone else to write the story for us.  We just need to read the true hero-love story and believe everything it has to say about us.

On the days we believe we aren’t loveable, turn then to the page of the story where the Hero vows his unconditional, never-ending, unwavering, love for us.

For those hard to look in the mirror days, the really bad hair days, the I am not pretty days, the Hero’s words of love cause us to take a second glance in the mirror and see beauty spilling from the inside, out.

The hero in this epic love story heals festering wounds of the heart.  No matter how the wounds got there, the hero’s love breathes life back into a tattered and torn heart making it whole again.

No other hero can do that.

He does it because we are really loved, and we literally can’t live without this Hero.

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