You’re Only Old Once

You’re Only Old Once, the timeless book about aging, Dr. Seuss humorously muses:

One day you will read in the National Geographic of a faraway land with no smelly bad trafficIn those green-pastured mountains of Fotta-fa-Zee everybody feels fine at a hundred and three ’cause the air that they breathe is potassium-free and because they chew nuts from the Tutt-a-Tutt Tree. This gives strength to their hair, and they live without doctors, with nary a care.  And you’ll find yourself wishing that you were out there in Fotta-fa-Zee and not here in this chair in the Golden Years Clinic on Century Square for Spleen Readjustment and Muffler Repair.  

 I celebrate birthday number 49 and, like the average person, not likely to see birthday 103.  Age is one of those unavoidable, subtle realities that creep up like a garter snake in my zinnia patch.  It’s there waiting, stealthily, for me to deal with.  Like the other night, while at a home school sport event, a friend solicited advice about how to prepare for “getting older.”  Based on my two approaches to getting older, the response went something like this:

The Classic Victorian Home Approach:

I spent my childhood living in a well built , restored, Victorian homeAfter a few decades, though, the painted lady began to show her age.  So the routine maintenance regime ensued.  Eventually, so much upkeep necessitated a prioritized project list.  Weekend warriors attacked projects to keep that old gal standing strong. In spite of rickety porch steps or sorely needed exterior paint, life inside the home flourished.  Like me, as I age, a few trips down “stethoscope” row or a few coats of concealer keeps the outside maintained.   Inside, the Refiner’s fire continues to burn in this maturing vessel (Malachi 3:2).

The Tent Approach

For the more rugged, outdoor types: patch leaks, mend rips, and waterproof when necessary.  Replace tent pegs on an as needed basis.  Keep the inside clean and free of debris and that should just about do it until the call for the final dwelling place.

As I embrace the Titus 2 “Golden Years” and embark on its entreaties with a new awareness.  And since I don’t live anywhere near those “green-pastured mountains,” breath air that is potassium free,” or “chew nuts from the Tutt-a Tutt Tree,” I can do my best to maintain the outside and “dwell in the shelter of the most high.”



4 thoughts on “You’re Only Old Once

  1. I really enjoyed this post….it made me smile! Likewise, my house exterior is in need of some fresh paint and my front porch rafters are really sagging and could use some shoring up. 🙂 But on the inside…I too thank the good Lord that by His grace it is being renewed day by day! 🙂 Happy Birthday Denise! Hope you you had a great day!Love, Terry


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